Apostolic Deliverance Ministry
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About our Outreach Ministries


Future Home of ADM

In order to meet the needs of current outreach ministries, ADM has purchased land and is in the process of saving to build a new edifice.

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Apostolic Deliverance Ministry is a 

multi-cultural outreach ministry.

Each of our ministries operate with the understanding that Evangelism and outreach is the focus. After reading if your are interested in dates and locations click here for the event calendar 

The Men's ministry is currently providing a local program that is geared towards meeting the needs of men within the community.

Our Women's ministry is currently providing outreach services by partnering with a local entity that provide housing for those that are displaced, those that may be in abusive relationships as well as total family support services. In addtion, there is a weekly support group. For more information click here.

Our Re-entry Ministry currently partners with a local re-entry program. This ministry is designed to assist indiviuals who are preparing to return to a non-restrictive environment. ADM instructors provide a weekly bible class and spiritual support. 

Our Youth Ministry is focused on 

biblical instruction that includes activities, food and fun. We seek to have a diverse youth ministry with a citywide impact.

The Clothing Ministry was designed to help individuals to prepare for general day to day clothing as well as attire for interviews and or clothing needs for reintry into society.  

Our Food Pantry is well stocked and distributes food to those in need monthly.

We currently have a foundation course that is taught weekly and focuses on providing support for individuals with life application. All classes are taught with God's word as the basis for success. All that attend are encouraged to share and ask questions.

For more information concerning Apostolic Deliverance Ministry or any of the outreach ministries on this page call, 520-622-0114


Meet Our Outreach Leadership Team

Men's Ministry President 

Deacon Roy Lowe

Women's Ministry President

First Lady Lock

Re-entry Program Coordinator 

Deacon Fernando Inclan

Youth Activities Director

Sis. Lydia Lowe

Clothing Ministry Coordinator

Sis. Jennifer Inclan