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Please understand that due to the volume of prayer requests, your request may not be published on the website. We do give the prayer requests to our intercessory prayer team and the they pray for each and every one of them!

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3 weeks ago by anonymous Pray for me
I feel like I've been trapped in another dimension or I got a really BIG Demon. please pray for my deliverance. I've been praying and fasting. praying and fasting but still no deliverance. please help me in my walk with Christ. help me to do better. Also please pray a muzzle on my mouth, that I watch what I Say. please increase my anointing, divine, appointed, authorized, super natural anointing. I always feel like Im on reality tv, and cameras follow me wherever I go. My house my car my job... Everywhere!!! please help this to go away. I know this is not real. I also keep feeling framed and set up. I mostly get it when I talk to my child's father. It get heavier every time we talk. If he's bad for me, please block him out my mind for the rest of my life. an bring me a worthy husband, man of God


over a year ago by DeAnna Pray for me
Please pray for my son and I.... 1. We have not been able to sleep. Please pray for our rest in Jesus 2. Confidence 3. Trust in the LORD 4. PEACE 5. Strength 6. Success in School for my son 7. Friends 8. Communicating effectively 9. Fear and Doubt removed 10. Delivernce from perversion- masturbating 11. God would lead us to a place of worship 12. Forgiveness Thank you for your prayers


over a year ago by Jay Smith Pray for me
Please pray for me to be forgiven for being an atheist