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A Prayer from our Pastor for our Nation

Heavenly Father, we seek you at this time in our hour of need.

Father, guide and direct those who are making decisions for our country. Give them wisdom and knowledge.


To those who have lost loved ones we ask that you comfort and console.

Father, for those that are working the front lines in so many areas in our nation, 

restore and provide refreshing when they are exhausted. Protect them and their families.

To those that are volunteering and continuing to staff and support their local churches, provide protection and increase their faith.


For every Pastor and spiritual leader who has the oversight of your sheep, let your wisdom and  knowledge from your word be the determining factor in each decision we make. Let your spirit guide us as we navigate through the unknown. Provide protection, restore us when we are fatigued and daily increase our faith. 

This we pray in the mighty name of Jesus and we say, Amen and Amen


To ensure the health and well being of our community, our Sunday services will be live streaming on our facebook page at 10:am. This will continue until further notice. 

In addition, follow our YouTube page for Apostolic Deliverance Ministry Tucson. Services and bible classes will be uploaded as they are available. 

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Will be held in small groups. Social distancing is a requirement.



There will be a food distribution on Saturday April 23rd from 10:00am - 12:00pm.

All items are non-perishable goods. Unfortunately, we will not be distributing water or toilet paper.

All items will be pre-selected by staff and will be given accordingly.

Social distancing will be strictly enforced

***Special events and general calendar events on hold until further notice***

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Pastor Clarence and First Lady Sharon Lock

Following in the tradition of three generations 

prior, Pastor Lock has picked up the mantle to 

carry on the building of the Kingdom of God. 

Founded and established upon the Apostles 

Doctrine our Pastor believes in the power of God 

to liberate each and everyone from bondage 

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